Hemingway’s Six

There is an interesting discussion about Hemingway’s famous six word story here.

I started thinking about this and I wondered if Hemingway’s particular ordering of those six words were the best possible ordering. I wrote a simple (six line) C++ program to permute the six words and print out all 720 different combinations of the words “For,” “Sale,” “Baby,” “Shoes,” “Never” and “Worn.” I couldn’t even begin to be able to figure out what to do with the puncuation so I left that as it was. I then scanned through all 720 variations of the six words. Except for “Baby shoes: for sale, never worn” which was pretty good here is my conclusion: Hemingway is a great writer.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Not a story
For sale: baby shoes, worn never; For sale: baby never, shoes worn; For sale: baby never, worn shoes; For sale: baby worn, shoes never; For sale: baby worn, never shoes; For sale: shoes baby, never worn; For sale: shoes baby, worn never; For sale: shoes never, baby worn; For sale: shoes never, worn baby; For sale: shoes worn, baby never; For sale: shoes worn, never baby; For sale: never baby, shoes worn; For sale: never baby, worn shoes; For sale: never shoes, baby worn; For sale: never shoes, worn baby; For sale: never worn, baby shoes; For sale: never worn, shoes baby; For sale: worn baby, shoes never; For sale: worn baby, never shoes; For sale: worn shoes, baby never; For sale: worn shoes, never baby; For sale: worn never, baby shoes; For sale: worn never, shoes baby;

For baby: sale shoes, never worn; For baby: sale shoes, worn never; For baby: sale never, shoes worn; For baby: sale never, worn shoes; For baby: sale worn, shoes never; For baby: sale worn, never shoes; For baby: shoes sale, never worn; For baby: shoes sale, worn never; For baby: shoes never, sale worn; For baby: shoes never, worn sale; For baby: shoes worn, sale never; For baby: shoes worn, never sale; For baby: never sale, shoes worn; For baby: never sale, worn shoes; For baby: never shoes, sale worn; For baby: never shoes, worn sale; For baby: never worn, sale shoes; For baby: never worn, shoes sale; For baby: worn sale, shoes never; For baby: worn sale, never shoes; For baby: worn shoes, sale never; For baby: worn shoes, never sale; For baby: worn never, sale shoes; For baby: worn never, shoes sale;

For shoes: sale baby, never worn; For shoes: sale baby, worn never; For shoes: sale never, baby worn; For shoes: sale never, worn baby; For shoes: sale worn, baby never; For shoes: sale worn, never baby; For shoes: baby sale, never worn; For shoes: baby sale, worn never; For shoes: baby never, sale worn; For shoes: baby never, worn sale; For shoes: baby worn, sale never; For shoes: baby worn, never sale; For shoes: never sale, baby worn; For shoes: never sale, worn baby; For shoes: never baby, sale worn; For shoes: never baby, worn sale; For shoes: never worn, sale baby; For shoes: never worn, baby sale; For shoes: worn sale, baby never; For shoes: worn sale, never baby; For shoes: worn baby, sale never; For shoes: worn baby, never sale; For shoes: worn never, sale baby; For shoes: worn never, baby sale;

For never: sale baby, shoes worn; For never: sale baby, worn shoes; For never: sale shoes, baby worn; For never: sale shoes, worn baby; For never: sale worn, baby shoes; For never: sale worn, shoes baby; For never: baby sale, shoes worn; For never: baby sale, worn shoes; For never: baby shoes, sale worn; For never: baby shoes, worn sale; For never: baby worn, sale shoes; For never: baby worn, shoes sale; For never: shoes sale, baby worn; For never: shoes sale, worn baby; For never: shoes baby, sale worn; For never: shoes baby, worn sale; For never: shoes worn, sale baby; For never: shoes worn, baby sale; For never: worn sale, baby shoes; For never: worn sale, shoes baby; For never: worn baby, sale shoes; For never: worn baby, shoes sale; For never: worn shoes, sale baby; For never: worn shoes, baby sale;

For worn: sale baby, shoes never; For worn: sale baby, never shoes; For worn: sale shoes, baby never; For worn: sale shoes, never baby; For worn: sale never, baby shoes; For worn: sale never, shoes baby; For worn: baby sale, shoes never; For worn: baby sale, never shoes; For worn: baby shoes, sale never; For worn: baby shoes, never sale; For worn: baby never, sale shoes; For worn: baby never, shoes sale; For worn: shoes sale, baby never; For worn: shoes sale, never baby; For worn: shoes baby, sale never; For worn: shoes baby, never sale; For worn: shoes never, sale baby; For worn: shoes never, baby sale; For worn: never sale, baby shoes; For worn: never sale, shoes baby; For worn: never baby, sale shoes; For worn: never baby, shoes sale; For worn: never shoes, sale baby; For worn: never shoes, baby sale;

Sale for: baby shoes, never worn; Sale for: baby shoes, worn never; Sale for: baby never, shoes worn; Sale for: baby never, worn shoes; Sale for: baby worn, shoes never; Sale for: baby worn, never shoes; Sale for: shoes baby, never worn; Sale for: shoes baby, worn never; Sale for: shoes never, baby worn; Sale for: shoes never, worn baby; Sale for: shoes worn, baby never; Sale for: shoes worn, never baby; Sale for: never baby, shoes worn; Sale for: never baby, worn shoes; Sale for: never shoes, baby worn; Sale for: never shoes, worn baby; Sale for: never worn, baby shoes; Sale for: never worn, shoes baby; Sale for: worn baby, shoes never; Sale for: worn baby, never shoes; Sale for: worn shoes, baby never; Sale for: worn shoes, never baby; Sale for: worn never, baby shoes; Sale for: worn never, shoes baby;

Sale baby: for shoes, never worn; Sale baby: for shoes, worn never; Sale baby: for never, shoes worn; Sale baby: for never, worn shoes; Sale baby: for worn, shoes never; Sale baby: for worn, never shoes; Sale baby: shoes for, never worn; Sale baby: shoes for, worn never; Sale baby: shoes never, for worn; Sale baby: shoes never, worn for; Sale baby: shoes worn, for never; Sale baby: shoes worn, never for; Sale baby: never for, shoes worn; Sale baby: never for, worn shoes; Sale baby: never shoes, for worn; Sale baby: never shoes, worn for; Sale baby: never worn, for shoes; Sale baby: never worn, shoes for; Sale baby: worn for, shoes never; Sale baby: worn for, never shoes; Sale baby: worn shoes, for never; Sale baby: worn shoes, never for; Sale baby: worn never, for shoes; Sale baby: worn never, shoes for;

Sale shoes: for baby, never worn; Sale shoes: for baby, worn never; Sale shoes: for never, baby worn; Sale shoes: for never, worn baby; Sale shoes: for worn, baby never; Sale shoes: for worn, never baby; Sale shoes: baby for, never worn; Sale shoes: baby for, worn never; Sale shoes: baby never, for worn; Sale shoes: baby never, worn for; Sale shoes: baby worn, for never; Sale shoes: baby worn, never for; Sale shoes: never for, baby worn; Sale shoes: never for, worn baby; Sale shoes: never baby, for worn; Sale shoes: never baby, worn for; Sale shoes: never worn, for baby; Sale shoes: never worn, baby for; Sale shoes: worn for, baby never; Sale shoes: worn for, never baby; Sale shoes: worn baby, for never; Sale shoes: worn baby, never for; Sale shoes: worn never, for baby; Sale shoes: worn never, baby for;

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Baby for: sale shoes, never worn; Baby for: sale shoes, worn never; Baby for: sale never, shoes worn; Baby for: sale never, worn shoes; Baby for: sale worn, shoes never; Baby for: sale worn, never shoes; Baby for: shoes sale, never worn; Baby for: shoes sale, worn never; Baby for: shoes never, sale worn; Baby for: shoes never, worn sale; Baby for: shoes worn, sale never; Baby for: shoes worn, never sale; Baby for: never sale, shoes worn; Baby for: never sale, worn shoes; Baby for: never shoes, sale worn; Baby for: never shoes, worn sale; Baby for: never worn, sale shoes; Baby for: never worn, shoes sale; Baby for: worn sale, shoes never; Baby for: worn sale, never shoes; Baby for: worn shoes, sale never; Baby for: worn shoes, never sale; Baby for: worn never, sale shoes; Baby for: worn never, shoes sale;

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