In my hometown there is a paint store. It was started 80 years ago by one man. He has long since grown old and has handed the store down to his son – a man with absolutely no interest in paint.

The son loves to repair guitars. At first, when I used to go into his store, I would find guitars in various states of disrepair lying around the store, on top of displays of paint rollers or masking tape. Over the years the floor space devoted to paint became progressively smaller while the floor space devoted to guitar repair became larger.

This is the story of my life. For twenty five years I’ve been a software developer but I’ve also been writing (poetry and essays mostly). Over the years my writing floor space has been expanding as my programming floor space shrinks. Thanks for visiting my newly remodeled store.

On a sad note – the paint store (his not mine) closed a couple of years ago – poorly focused marketing.

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