Life as a Function

function  life(luck, health, love, talent, money)
   if (luck is low)

      if (love is not empty and luck is high)
         meet someone and stay with them

      else if (love is empty)
         live alone, sadly

      else if (luck is high)
         hook up meaninglessly

      else if (money is high)
         marry anyone you please

      if (talent is known)
         learn your craft
         exploit your talent
         if (luck is high and money is not important)
            stick to it
      } else
         figure out your talent

      if (money is high)
         help others
         eat well
         buy expensive things
         travel extravagantly

   } while (health > 0)


Dream – March 1991

It’s embarrassing to say.
Sounds like I’m boasting.
Like I‘m sensitive.
Like I’m a conduit.
In touch with a higher plane.
But my dream is nothing to boast about.

He keeps his distance.
When I approach he retreats.
Shyly diverts his face.
Doing whatever it is he’s doing.

I get diverted.
Never get close enough to touch him.
Never get close enough to see his eyes.

I dream about him but that’s embarrassing to say.