Two Things That Are Going to or Should Happen

1. Penn State University should start a research center devoted to the study of child abuse. They should study the techniques that men use to lure children and their parents into danger. They should study the way institutions like Penn State and the Catholic Church hide the perpetrators. Penn State should become the center of a new field of scientific research devoted to studying child abuse. But…and this is extremely important…they should audit themselves continually because a research center such as this would attract perpetrators who would wish to learn the techniques people use.

2. Twenty years from now (this is written in 2011) everyone is going to realize that all the time and energy they’ve spent organizing their photographs and videos on their Macintosh computers is in danger of disappearing into the ether when they die. Companies should start forming now to preserve people’s photos into perpetuity – much like a cemetery keeps the memory of people physical being there should be a place to keep a person’s digital being.

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