Katie is So Funny

Katie has said two of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.  One time we were talking about something about some kid who didn’t have a father and I said that I thought it was a shame. This made Katie mad because she was friends with this kid and she thought I was insulting him.  She was mad at me – I could tell – and she was just sort of standing there in the kitchen when all of a sudden she said “I wish I didn’t have a Dad.”  I thought this was very funny.

Just now she said something pretty funny too.  She asked me if I had Planet Earth on my computer.  I said, in my best smart ass voice, “Yeah, Katie – I have the third planet from the sun on my computer” – this made her mad again – what she really meant was “Did I have Google Earth on my computer”.  I told her I removed it from my computer because “Google Earth takes up a lot of space and its ugly” because it is and it does.  After a few seconds she said “You take up a lot of space and you’re ugly too, Daddy.”

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